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Any of you guys play this?

A bunch of people at my fantasy football draft were going on and on about it. I might open an account. Anyone win anything?
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I've won some, lost some.

Never played season long fantasy before, but have played NBA, MLB, and MMA contests on DraftKings and won in all of them. Admittedly I've lost more than I've won overall, but I still find it adds more excitement to the games.

For example, I haven't followed MLB in years and now know more about the players playing this season than I ever have thanks to the research I've put into making my daily picks.

It's a completely different animal compared to season-long fantasy, so I'd suggest you do some research first so you have a better understanding of the differences and how you should approach your selections.

There are a number of guys/resources you can turn to, but I'd suggest the following as a good start:


Best of luck to you!


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Won some lost some? Sounds like my 25-year poker career ;).

I put in $25 to start and am playing the free $3 free roll. Didn't take Brady or Gronk :|.

I can see how this shit is addictive though but I'm pretty good with gambling. We'll see how long before I have to top up.

I'll check out those links - thanks.
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Yeah I am not surprised these sites attract "bot" players. So much money at stake. I'm fine playing my $5 games to try and win $100K, it's no different than proline pools where you're trying to out-pick how many hundreds of thousands of players, except I don't have to leave my house Sunday morning to get in on the action.

Pro-line should just introduce single game better and online play - it's going to happen eventually.

That said, how'd everyone do in week 1? :)


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Yeah I saw that. So shady... I blew through my $25 and didn't re-up. I'm already in a fantasy league with friends, a survivor pool and a pick 4 pool. I figure that has to be enough action to keep me interested on Sundays.

Tangentially, North America should just wake up and allow gambling like they do in the U.K. So many people are doing it anyway -- lottery, casinos, Pro-line, offshore gaming sites, office pools or even local books. Keep the money at home, create jobs, etc. Legalize weed and prostitution while you are at it, too. I'm looking at you, Justin Trudeau.