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dr. cosa on jobs

judge wopner

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france has a whopping %20 unemployment rate among yonge people,

mr. chirac has dried up his well of anti-american populist rhetoric and has found he can no longer distract his people from the growing unrest and domestic problems of what to do with all those youths that have no jobs or shrinking employment prospects.

the riots of last year were but a prelude to growing discontent in the region.


PARIS — Police detained some 300 people around France after nationwide student marches against a new labour law turned violent, as street cleaners cleared away torched cars Friday and the government braced for more protests.

A quarter of a million people took to the streets in some 200 demonstrations around the country Thursday, in a test of strength between youth and the conservative government of 73-year-old President Jacques Chirac.

The students' anger focuses on a new form of job contract championed by Villepin that will allow employers to fire young workers within their first two years in a job without giving a reason.

The government says the flexibility will encourage companies to hire thousands of young people, bringing down unemployment rates that run at 23 per cent among young adults and around double that in some of the depressed suburbs that were shaken by weeks of riots last year.

Thursday's protests in Paris began peacefully, with students whistling, chanting and beating drums. Later, however, tension mounted and police and rioters waged a back-and-forth battle amid acrid clouds of tear gas outside the Sorbonne on the Left Bank.

Several hundred youths threw Molotov cocktails, paving stones, metal crowd-control barriers, and tables and chairs taken from nearby cafes. Many cars were overturned or torched.
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Young people want jobs. The government removes a barrier to hiring young people. Young people take to the streets and riot.

The French kill me sometimes.


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I've talked to some young French girls while at the Rail and FYEO.

Based on those experiences French workers are not the most responsible. Although I think I would still hire them.