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dr. cosa on Jazz Samba

judge wopner

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i was looking for this story a while back, it was harder to find than i thought, thx to a few of the dudes who PM'd me offering to help find it. someone came through and here it is:

this was writen by Joao Gilberto in 1963, in liner notes to one of the best jazz albums out there "Getz/Gilberto":

peace is a beautiful feeling, to understand and be understood is a kind of peace.

i find great peace in real communications with another person. getz is a person i understand and who understands me even though we speak different languages. i would say that even if we could not exchange a word, th love that we have for music would be enough to make us friends.

our talks-generally through our wives- are sometimes amusing. i do my best to speak english and getz uses all his knowledge of latin laguages "diga ao joao". when getz gives an opinion i often exclaim "exactly what i was going to say" this happened so often one night that i thought id better digaree once in a while or it will sound silly.

Ary Barroso wrote the composition to the song "p'ra machucar meu coracao". Barroso is an outstanding figure in the history of brazillian music. Barroso was ill when we recorded this album. i told getz how happy i thought it would make barroso feel to hear his composition recorded by us. he will not hear it. today as i write this i know that he is dead. now our version will remain as a humble homage to ary barroso from myself and from getz who came to love him through his music without ever having met him.

in many ways, then , this is more than a record, it is friendship communicated by music.

dr. cosa
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funny... i'm just getting prepped to buy my tix for Seu Jorge at Harbourfront online right now (along with DeLa tix and lonny liston smith tix. fuck it's gonna be a great and expensive music week.)... ;)