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dr. cosa on crakers and biscuts

judge wopner

TRIBE Member
From the movie "O Brother Where Art Thou?"

The movie's most famous scene where the Soggy Bottom Boys perform "A Man of Constant Sorrow" for the first time in the radio station studio.

(the only thing more heavy than that song is the oddity of the scene right after, but im not really sure why)

(From the script)

Scene : "THE LOT"

A caravan of two oversize cars is pulling into the lot just as Tommy and the three convicts burst out of the radio station door, whooping it up.

A sixty-year-old man in enormous seersucker pants held up by suspenders and the outward pressure of a blooming belly is getting out of the first car. His face is familiar from countless sacks of Pass the Biscuits Pappy O'Daniel Flour.

Delmar waves a fistful of money at him.

Hey mister! I don't mean to be tellin'
tales out a school, but there's a man
in there hands out ten dollars to
anyone sings into his can!

I'm not here to make a record, ya dumb cracker,
they broadcast me out on the radio.

A big shambling man of about thirty has followed him out of the car. He has the sloping shoulders, the pasty skin, and the aimlessly bobbing head of an intellectual flyweight.

That's Governor Menelaus 'Pass the
Biscuits, Pappy' O'Daniel, and he'd
sure 'preciate it if you ate his
farina and voted him a second term.

Two other members of the retinue, older men whose girth rivals the governor's, are Eckard and Spivey.

Finest governor we've ever had in

In any state.

Oh Lord yes, any parish'r precinct; I
was makin' the larger point.

As Pappy brushes by them, Junior wheedles:

Aintcha gonna press the flesh, Pappy,
do a little politickin'?

Pappy slaps at the young man with his hat.

I'll press your flesh, you dimwitted
sonofabitch - you don't tell your pappy
how to cawt the elect 'rate!

Pappy waves his hat at the radio building as singers in faux hillbilly outfits with various musical instrument cases get out of the second car.

We ain't one-at-a-timin' here, we
mass communicatin'!

Oh, yes, assa parful new force.


The men head for the station, with Junior lagging.

Shake a leg, Junior! Thank God your mama
died givin' birth - if she'd a seen ya
she'd a died of shame...


dr. cosa