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dr. cosa/ of science and sanity ...reloaded..

judge wopner

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(originally posted long ago)

cosa on science and sanity -V.2

(an open letter from a dead patient)

Dear Doctor Cosa,

I wish to speak to the facts of life, please find my inquiry enclosed:

the classic dictum reads:

the fox passing by a grape vine on a hot day sets out to quench his thirst by jumping up towards the branches to grab some grapes.
he tries in earnest to jump high enough to reach the grapes and grows ever more thirsty jumping up over and over but to no avail.
he cant reach the grapes and is now more thirsty than when he started,
dishevled, he gives up and as he walks away decides that the grapes were probally sour.

there are many things we seek in life, and many other things that seek us.
we move about our lives from one day to the next, chasing one love to another lust.

lines blur as we find ourselves though those pursuits we call our lives.

you great doctor i find to be a most reprehensible, fake medical credentials and all, you cad,
you admonisher, you lover of numbers and falsehoods.

you stand for all that is of science and sanity.
a great man indeed, pray you tell me your secret, after years of hard work.
how does one seek that which not only wants to be found, but refuses to be left alone?


your humble servant,
your oldest friend,
your greatest enemy


dear Comino:

old friend, i wept at your passing.
nay a night has passed that i dont think of you and your struggle for light.
i too must sift though the dusty papers of reason an logic, and all that is absolute,
' but one man in all this madness' as they say.

science serves medicine, it is the master which know's no lesser fate. i am a doctor and i seek to heal, not to provide answers...i leave that to you and your ilk of test tubes and charts, nothing more than lines in the sand im sure. after all Medicine is a medical art, and the patient is but a canvas non?

i can feel the onslaught of the august heat, my neck is thick with sweat, but fall blooms, i only hope this message finds you. i recall scattering your ashes in the great lakes basin only months ago, i was certain it was you. why have you written now?

forever your humble scribe,

Dr. Cosa M.D
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