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dr. cosa is spanish?

judge wopner

TRIBE Member
growing up, seemed like all the kids wanted to be black, i just wanted to be spanish.


at work yesterday an injured worker i have been assigned to came into to my office to meet me in person to discuss his case.

Mr. X had his shoulder crushed by a printing press several years ago, it has left him with little use of his right arm. being right handed made things all the more difficult. he is about 2 months from finishing a re-training program as a social worker, he's passing with flying colours.

after years of speaking on the phone he just wanted to meet in person to say thanks. Mr. X didnt speak english very well but he thought my last name sounded spanish, so he had a list of phrases written down in spanish.

"buenos diaz Senor Cosa" he shouted when i first met him in the lobby, grinning ear to ear. "bueno!!!" i said back, not really sure if i was getting it right, but deep inside I just wanted to pretend i was really spanish if only for a moment.

we talked about school and what he planned to do in 2 months when cut loose in the world of work. even though its against the rules he offered me a gift, a $20 gift card from Loblaws he thought i would like. (but he wasnt sure if they carried the kind of groceries spanish people buy.)

Mr. X doesnt really know me, he thinks im nice but doesnt realize that he is legally entitled to everything he has gotten up to now. but i wasnt about to tell him that, i kind of revelled in the surrealness of the moment, where i was this spanish guy who helped someone out.

it was a nice gesture by him, a simple but heartfelt one you rarely get from folks in my job. its reminds me that the 9 people who spill-out their anger are just softening you up for the 1 out of 10 that says something really nice.

it reminds me of that line from that movie starring that guy and the girl:

"the sweet never tasted so sweet without the sour"

im not sure how it applies to this story but im not spanish either, im not even a doctor..... but thats another story for another day.

be safe,

dr. cosa MD
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