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dr. cosa in hot water

judge wopner

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act 1, scene 1
enter dr. cosa (aka the dessert fox)
stage left.

i am often remined of how awesome life is when things that you planned to do are done for you.

just the other day i headed to the office lunch room to wash out my coffee mug and brew up some tea. much to my delight some of my coworkers who get to work much earlier than me (on account of having families to feed and what not) had already cleaned out my cup and had a full tank of hot water brewing for the entire division.

it was like reaping the rewards with none of the sweat, i poured myself a big steaming cup of lipton's finest, and silently saluted my co-workers, as thanking them outloud seemed garish and insulting to people with such skill and level of education. no, a gentle nod and passing sigh of relief were all they needed from me and my now content heart, cuf of hot tea in hand, the limitless opportunities of a new day ahead.

i pondered for a moment how often things are done for me without me even asking for it, but are always a welcome addition to my many joys in life: laundry, dinner, plunging neck lines, leggy eastern european women and free candy from strangers (i always figured id have to pay you to give me a drive, but who am i to look a gift horse in the mouth, lets roll!!!!)

i think it was Jean- Paul Sartre who once said:

If victory is told in detail, one can no longer distinguish it from a defeat.

I guess he was right in many ways, im just not sure which ones, and frankly i dont really care; my tea is getting cold, i wonder if the lady who sits by the microwave is planning on passing by my desk.....

dr. cosa MD
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