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Downtown & Remote Work - Post Covid19


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Curious what people think about the downtown life, remote working, and how it'll impact businesses long term. Personally I think once we get a handle on this thing the downtown life is going to be bigger and crazier than ever. The socially recluse will be happy to continue working remotely and not venture anywhere, but we are naturally social creatures and we'll find excuses to be in the city.

I don't say this because I'm a condo dweller, but because I know I will be partaking in it front and center. Any predictions on what life will be like?

1. Saving the Thursday bar seats at 230pm with your laptop.
2. Working remotely with your best friends.
3. The continuation of patios for every restaurant. You get a patio, you get a patio, YOU get a patio!
4. ActiveTO being permanent.

Honestly, I'm excited about it.
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If it ever does end I think we will be in for a boom similar to one that happened after 1918. So many restaurants and stores will be gone though, and it will open up areas for new players. Now that I am making physical products downtown, I have to go back and forth from my home in Leslieville to see my casting guy and my cutters and polishers. The jewelry trade is a very hands-on thing, lots of feeling shit and looking at it with 10x loupes up close, so there is only so much of it I can do remotely.

I've built a full prototyping workshop in my basement with an integrated photo/video studio. I can make masters of products here in jewelers wax or various plastics, which I cast in metal downtown. I can touch up finished pieces and shoot 4K video of them on an adjacent bench in the basement.

The retail jewelry industry is just being destroyed right now and there are so few manufacturing jewelers left in the country. I am so happy to be one of them and will hold on and create new products as long as I am healthy.

When it's over I may decide to look for a brick and mortar retailer to sell some of our products, perhaps a luxury weed store (if there is such a thing). Or maybe not. What I am looking forward to is getting my products out at an event like the karma cup and interacting with people and putting my products in their hands. Maybe sponsoring certain DJs or music producers.

Grateful they have expanded the bike lanes. I hope they continue to shut down segments of the roads so people can exercise and not just for corporate charity events.


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I was already working from home 99% of the time before pandemic but am loving the way this will be 100% going forward.

Probably will be in pure remote work for next few years of my career at least, if not forever. looking to get the most out of City Life next 10 years (just turned 40) and will look to make a move south of the city where I can actually afford shit closer to mid-late 40s if not 50+

Wife's family is in cambridge area so we will probably end up near there at some point in the medium to long term future - dont feel as tied down to a city commute now for sure (even when I was working from home all the time there was the threat i'd need to go in for a day or a week here or there, contingent on project activities - that threat is gone now and may remain gone)


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I've decided to look for a place outside of Toronto.

Somewhere near but not on water. A solid internet connection. A small solid house where I can turn one room into a video / podcasting studio, with a heated outbuilding for a workshop to make the products. Or a garage I can insulate and heat with a wood stove. A close friend of mine sold her house in the beach recently and it forced me to look at the reasons why I even live in Toronto. Many of my favorite restaurants are gone now. I rarely see anyone anymore except when making products. While always a raver, I rarely go out to events and I am certainly not a clubber. My needs have changed.
I can drive or train in every couple of weeks to get products laser marked or buy tools and stuff.

I am hoping to grow more of my own veg and perhaps a few weed plants. Some trees. A nice fire pit for marshmallow toasting. Maybe I can even get a small dog !

I was looking at South Western ON because it's better for growing, or on the Lake Huron coast because there are 70km of beach to metal detect up there, which is my hobby. I love the Bancroft area, but I think it is a bit cold for me. I don't know where yet, but if you have any ideas, let me know.
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