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Downloading: I am at my wits end


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Okay so I have used every Downloading software possible it seems... soulseek, DC++, Kazaalite and my download speeds are absolute shit and i don't know what to do anymore.

So I need your advice.

I use sympatico... I work for bell... I know my central office is less than a km away and I know my line's sync rate is 6 (which is the highest a line can have).... yet I am thinking myself lucky if I can achieve a dl speed of 8kb/s... I used to have almost as good on dial up 5 years ago.

Does anyone know anything that may be fucking me up? My comp isn't a rocket launcher but it is okay and it certainly isn't filled with shit... I use it most for email and music that's all.

Opinions are welcome.
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Originally posted by terrawrist III
start your downloading after hours...that's what I do and the speeds are coming in ok...about 30/kps...that's not bad anymore
Peak times shouldnt affect your DSL like it does cable. It's probably just better at night cause your not surfing and gaming hogging all the recsourses.
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what about downloading off of websites?

you have very little control over transfer speeds when using peer to peer programs.

If you are downloading 8kb/s off websites, then you have a problem.


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I know that Rogers will block your ports and try to screw you (slow you down). Like using Bit Torrent, I was slow, then I changed the ports and whammo!

Maybe try changing your ports for programs. My best guess, I'm no IT dude. Try running spy-bot, that might help (?)


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that's pretty shitty performance jamie - have you called technical support ? I know you're not a noob when it comes to the technical stuff but it definitely sounds as though something significant is fucked up if you're getting 8 KB/s.

Some possibilities :

- trojans somehow chewing up bandwidth
- oversold capacity for your area
- some kind of line problem that wouldn't be indicated by sync rate

I haven't heard of sympatico throttling bandwidth on p2p ports, but some smaller isps (like Nuthin But Net) definitely do this.

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Do a speedtest @ http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/

If speed checks out here then it could just be the programs you are using . How long have you had your dsl modem ? I would call Bell and get them to run a test to see how hard your modem is working etc ...

Did you add any new phones/devices without putting the filters on them ? Do you have any cordless phones ? Is the base near the modem ? Direct TV ? Home alarm system ? So many devices cause interference on a dsl modem .....

I do support for an adsl isp .....