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Download, listen and enjoy.


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Here's a mix I did for the a radio show in Buffalo.

Hope the link works. Been told it's up and down.
Tracklist for those that need to know.

chase23 phunk-zone track listing

1- Zeta Reticula “EP3”
2- Netwerk Florida “Earth, Wind, Fire”
3- Mr Velcro Fastener “ Electric Appliances (original)”
4- Jackal & Hyde “Get down to my technique”
5- Rude 66 “Nerves of Steel”
6- The Hacker “Fadin’ away (dima remix)”
7- Anthony Rother “Die Macht”
8- Andrea Parker & DJ Godfather “Freaky bitches”
9- Alex Stark “We are the robots”
10- Rude Solo “Vous do funk”
11- Basic Units “Explode”
12- 2raumwohnung “Wir trafen uns in einem garten”
13- daFresh “Sexual thoughts”

You can call this mix "A heavy electro sandwich with a dash of techno funk." Or whatever.....

from me to you....enjoy.

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