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download Boards of Canada's 1st music video


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Dayvan Cowboy, from the album Campfire Headphase
"The first ever official music video for Boards of Canada has also been completed. Directed by Melissa Olson, it truly is a thing of beauty…"

its gorgeous
the footage is fucking amazing... if you do not want to know what you're about to see, don't highlight this text:

On Aug. 16, 1960, as research for the then- fledgling U.S. space program, Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger rode a helium balloon to the edge of space, 102,800 feet above the earth, a feat in itself. Then, wearing just a thin pressure suit and breathing supplemental oxygen, he... jumped into the 110-degree-below- zero, near-vacuum of space. Within seconds his body accelerated to 714 mph in the thin air, breaking the sound barrier. ...

What's it look like from so high up?
You can see about 400 miles in every direction. ... The most fascinating thing is that it's just black overhead--the transition from normal blue to black is very stark. You can't see stars because there's a lot of glare from the sun, so your pupils are too small. ... more than 100 degrees below zero, no air. If my protection suit failed, I would be dead in a few seconds. Blood actually boils above 62,000 feet.
I went through my 46-step checklist, disconnected from the balloon's power supply and lost all communication with the ground. I was totally under power from the kit on my back. When everything was done, I stood up, turned around to the door, took one final look out and said a silent prayer: "Lord, take care of me now." Then I just jumped over the side.

I rolled over and looked up, and there was the balloon just roaring into space. I realized that the balloon wasn't roaring into space; I was going down at a fantastic rate! At about 90,000 feet, I reached 714mph. The altimeter on my wrist was unwinding very rapidly. But there was no sense of speed. Where you determine speed is visual--if you see something go flashing by. But nothing flashes by 20 miles up--there are no signposts there, and you are way above any clouds. When the chute opened, the rest of the jump was anticlimactic because everything had worked perfectly. I landed 12 or 13 minutes later, and there was my crew waiting. We were elated.


Also, listen to Skyliner from Trans Canada Highway, BoC's new EP out 06/06/06 http://www.bleep.com/mediaplayer/launch_playlist.php?warp/boc_skyliner_jh78dr
(this track is fucking wicked... to listen to it without the 20-second limits of bleep.com previews, check out www.warprecords.com, where you might find it "now playing")
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indeed, the footage for the first single is quite d-lish. although, I really wasn't feeling the rest of the album. but with tracks like "an eagle for your mind," I'm not one to complain. none-the-less, here's a bit of followup to the footage they used for the single:


the narration is a bit dry, but it leaves you wondering when it will be your turn to jump from a canopy in space. :)

(my apologies to those that may have already seen this)