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Doug Ford, Premier


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Anyone at all surprised considering how they've handled the autistic children file and how badly they have (and still are) botching it.
The conservatards are having trouble processing this - had a boomer friend of a friend on FB state that Ford had to go Full Reagan/Air-Traffic-Controllers (one of the most ruthless union busting moves in modern US history was to fire them all). He's convinced teacher greed for their salaries is the only paradigm to consider.

But with polling the way it is, he is not realizing how this would basically set the context for a General Strike and a vote of No Confidence

Bernnie Federko

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I figure the game plan is ride this rotating strike until mid-May, accumulating the "savings", then cut a deal and say he stood up for taxpayers blah blah blah. In no way does this impact year end/secondary school exams/post secondary admittance shit.
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wow....those numbers are far larger than i thought they'd be.

Can the PC Government force back to work legislation ? Can any other party ?
Nope and nope.

And he can't do shit - they're not technically in a full blown/official strike position.

Lecce's got no cards to play but making shit up and stalling. I get the feeling that both Lecce and Ford are going to be conspicuously absent once Queen's Park comes back into session, due to this, as well as other controversies.
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Last weekend I was driving behind a car with the new plate in the middle of the day on a sunny afternoon. I made the comment to my wife that I could barely make out the plate number. In the middle of the day.

Have not seen one after dark but I can only imagine. Guess I should get one for my trips on the 407. I’m sure that’s going to be an issue trying to bill for a vehicle they can’t identify.