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Doug Ford, Premier

So the Ford administration says that they're going to investigate any cronyism in future appointments.

But, they WON'T investigate any past appointments. That's not their job, they're claiming.

Guess it's up to the media.

Bernnie Federko

TRIBE Member
Ontario Premier’s ex-chief of staff contacted the OPP to say the custom van costs should be ‘kept off the books’

Doug Ford’s former chief of staff Dean French pressed the Ontario Provincial Police to publicly clear the air about a controversy over a proposed van retrofit for the Premier, an internal e-mail shows.

French e-mailed a high-ranking OPP officer in late March to suggest the force release a statement explaining that he had never said the cost of the vehicle should be “kept off the books.” The Globe and Mail obtained the e-mail, which is partly redacted, through Freedom of Information legislation.

Critics say the e-mail from French is further evidence of a lack of respect from the Premier’s Office for the division between politics and policing.