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Doug Ford, Premier


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TIL I'm an moron for buying travel insurance on my last two trips stateside :/
Unless you have 100% coverage through a credit card or some other source, ALWAYS buy travel insurance. You’ll probably never use it but - for the cost - it’s pure gold.

A good friend of mine declined to do so. Pinnacle of health. What could go wrong? Broken leg while hiking. American healthcare. Sure, they set the break - but they did it wrong and he had to have his leg re-broken and re-set when he finally made it home a month later.

For the premium? Cancellation, interruption and medical coverage are always a safe bet when you travel anywhere outside your home country. ;)


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Ummm... Did I just hear Dofo acknowledge climate change? He’s been touring flood areas. Yesterday Bracebridge and Port Sydney. Today, along the Ottawa River. His response to the residents’ concerns about recently annual flooding, due to climate change was - “It’s heartbreaking”

Did I hear that correctly???!

You keep up this level of pandering, mister and you might end up with a pimpin’ van, complete with blu-Ray and a 32” flat-screen!