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Doug Ford Must Resign For Causing The Mass Death of Ontarians

Stop Bill C-10
The apology conference isn't being taken too well. Sorry doesn't mean shit without a plan of action, which he showed this morning that he has none.

He can't even handle a presser without having softball questions being lobbed at him by The Sun or his little propaganda crew trying to pretend they're a legit news source.

The dog ate my homework premier.


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And here we are - at the end of another day, with Ford not having doing anything except letting us know his feelings are hurt.

Other journos are starting to hit hard now. I had to prod paiken and the TVO crew pretty hard a couple of weeks ago to sharpen up, but they are leaning in now. Check it:

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Bernnie Federko

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The Op Ed in the G&M comparing his "response" to the 3rd wave as his Walkerton under Mike Harris was a good start. He's got a year left in this term and I think he's gonna hightail it to Florida. Gonna be a silver lining to all this death and deeming everything under the sun an essential business.
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Pathetic middleman BS

Ford is going try to claim credit for this, naturally, and try to portray this as "owning the libs"

It's funny how the Ontario government thinks they're in any position to make demands, go on the attack for their own fuck ups and still think that political posturing is important in how they try to make good on their own promise to offer the best plan in North America.
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Ford already out the gate saying "not his fault", "biased reporting" and "filled with inaccuracies" with the report. While at home, "still learning how to use his computer" all while Question Period is going on.

Bet he didn't even read it.
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