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Doug Ford, Monster

Stop Bill C-10

Bernnie Federko

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The latest COVID-19 developments: No return to in-class learning in Ontario this school year and more

Much to the chagrin of many Ontario parents, Premier Doug Ford announced today that remote learning would continue to the end of this school year, as the government looks to keep its reopening plans for the summer on track. Ford added that he was “hopeful” Ontario would be able to move into the first step of the province’s reopening plan sooner than June 14, and was awaiting guidance from outgoing Chief Medical Officer of Health David Williams.

Quebec’s Education Minister said children and teens should be able to attend school without masks or classroom bubbles in the fall. Elsewhere in Canada, Nova Scotia entered the first phase of its reopening plan, Newfoundland is aiming to welcome travellers from across Canada as early as July 1, and Saskatchewan looks to lift its mandatory mask order July 11. Catch up on COVID-19 news today here.
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