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I am lazy. Please post all of your sets in here for me to grab at once. I was just listening to your liquid grooves mix yesterday and was remembering how much I like them!


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DJ Doublecross said:
Haha yep they're all on the site. Well not ALL of them, but 23 sets are there. Go to http://www.djdoublecross.com/audio.htm if you want the direct link to the sets.


No "Joan Glist" there.... BTW Robbie, I was cleaning out my shit from my parents' place and could not find that tape or another early one I was looking for (I can't even remember which one, "Rudebwoy" maybe?). I did however find "DJ Soma" and have that one kicking around somewhere now.
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i saw him on the subway............he had cornrows and was trying to sell some dutty reggae cd out of his rasta backpack for 10 bones.
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robbie.. put together a mix of that super super new-school soca that sounds like happy hardcore with extreme laser effects!