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Doublecross - Summer Sessions vol. 4 [House]

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
Figured it was about time to return to my "Summer Sessions" roots! Keeping in spirit with the last couple years, I've decided to try my hand at another new genre (to me as a DJ at least) and decided on straight up house music. I've always been a big fan of smooth, vocal house, and figured I could throw something together that fits the Summer Sessions vibe.

Plenty of old and new classics here... check it out!

Doublecross - Summer Sessions vol. 4

01. Dunproofin - Hard To Boot
02. The Avalanches - Ray of Zdarlight
03. Hystereo - Gonna Love You
04. Dajae - Everyday In My Life
05. Mezzoforte - Garden Party (S.O.L. Brazil Mix)
06. Afro Medusa - Pasilda
07. Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song Revisited (Eric Kupper Remix)
08. Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You
09. Bob Sinclar - Love Generation (Ron Carrol Remix)
10. Basement Jaxx - Jus 1 Kiss (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
11. The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
12. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life
13. LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum (Kris Menace Remix)
14. Dragonette - I Get Around (Van She Remix)
15. The Sunshine Underground - Borders (Goodbooks Remix)
16. The Tough Alliance - Leg 737 (Alvy Singer)

MP3 Link (right click, save as)

And as always, all my other mixes are still online at www.djdoublecross.com



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If only you could provide the same level of commitment you show towards making great mixes as to getting hair cuts... :p

Looks awesome, downloadin
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feisty boy

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say it ain't so. house??
i dusted off the original 'summer sessions' just the other day, when the sun was blazing.
still a classic.


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worst dnb set ever! can't figure out if it's too slow or too fast and the mcing sounds too much like singing.

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
lol, my last five mixes have not been d'n'b! (downtempo, reggae, 2 electro mixes, and now house). Get with the times! I like experimenting.


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DJ Doublecross said:
lol, my last five mixes have not been d'n'b! (downtempo, reggae, 2 electro mixes, and now house). Get with the times! I like experimenting.
dude experimenting is for you and your college roommate. you are only allowed to dj music you played in the 90s geez did you lose your official handbook?
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ha ha!

i'm surprised you have some of those tunes.

mezzoforte? great tune, haven't heard that one for a long while.


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I had been listening to daft punk "digital love" right before i cued this up for the first time and for a quick moment, i thought "wtf is wrong with my media player?"


DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
Yeah it's a mashup obviously, with Hard Fi's "Hard to Beat".

The Avalanches tune, if anyone is curious, is a mashup of Digitalism's "Zdarlight" and Wham!'s "A Ray of Sunshine"

Who doesn't love Wham!?
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