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Doublecross, Otis, Rick Toxic, $5 tonight!


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Just an FYI that we have some DnB and Jungle during our primetime drinking hours tonight at the THUMP! party. Doublecross will be spinning his unique style of funky Drum n' Bass. Rick Toxic and this month's TRIBE featured DJ, Otis will be playing a back to back Oldskool Jungle set.

THUMP! presents Therapy:

1000-1100 Endless (Hard Trance)
1100-1200 Soundstream (Trance)
1200-0100 Subsonic Chronic (HardNRG)
0100-0200 MK Mirage (aka The Therapist) (HardNRG)
0200-0300 Twitch vs. Voytek (Hard Trance)
0300-0400 Drag’n’Fly (Hard Trance)

1000-1130 J-Mat (Breaks/Techno)
1130-0100 Rick Toxic vs. Otis (Oldskool Jungle)
0100-0200 Doublecross (DnB)
0200-0400 Satori (Psy/Progressive Techno)

$5, 19+
Labrynth Lounge
298 Brunswick @ Bloor

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room