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Doublecross - Jammin' In The Streets [Reggae/Dancehall]

DJ Doublecross

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I've been listening to a lot of reggae lately and decided to put together a mix of some big tunes that came out in the past year. It's not drum n bass, but I know a lot of you like reggae, so give it a listen if you want!

Here's the track listing:

Doublecross - Jammin' In The Streets

01. Sizzla - Be Strong
02. Anthony B - Get You Girl
03. Anthony B - Hot Stuff
04. Capleton - Mek It Blaze
05. Mickeylous - Sticky
06. Chezidek - Call Dem
07. Norris Man - Babylon A Vampire
08. Ginjah - Fire Burning
09. Chuck Fender - Fire Will Be Blazing
10. Chezidek - Are You With It
11. Cyborg - People In The Struggle
12. Anthony B - More Love
13. Exodus - I'm Going To Make It
14. Teflon - Tell Me Why
15. Sizzla - Burnin On Weak Heart
16. Chuck Fender - Light Dem
17. Fanton Mojah - Dem Can't Stop The Time
18. Anthony B - Reggae Gone Pon Top
19. Dennis Brown & Anthony Cruz - If This World Were Mine
20. Sugar Minott & Ke Ke I - Hi Hello
21. Lloyd Brown - Don't Bother Me
22. Ansel Meditation - Step Inside
23. Honorebel - Wife
24. The Congos - Fisherman
25. Country Culture - Make Poverty History
26. Lutan Fiyah - Whitewash Walls
27. U-Roy - Fisherman Style
28. Dean Fraser - Fisherman's Anthem


Hope you enjoy!

P.S. all my old d'n'b mixes are still up at my site if anyone wants them.
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DJ Doublecross

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It's all brand new stuff, but if you're not familiar with the current reggae sound, it's somewhere in between roots reggae and dancehall. It's riddim-based like dancehall, but the lyrics are more conscious like roots. A lot of the current stars like Sizzla, Anthony B, Capleton, etc put out a ton of awesome stuff that would appeal to all reggae fans (as well as a lot of hardcore dancehall crap, but I don't listen to that).

terrawrist III

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I'm strictly dub:)

although a mix like this could totally open my ears to future listening...totally familiar with those names but not their music
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DJ Doublecross

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The only old track is The Congos' original version of Fisherman but it's been edited and re-released this year along with the new versions. The next oldest song is Be Strong and that was still 2005!

Strictly the goods!
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listened to this last night to get to sleep. What dreams I had..........

You should totally sell copies of this out of a backpack on the subway.
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sidenote- the mix name is a total tease though, ah where di slengteng nuh?

DJ Doublecross

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Come on, sleng teng wouldn't work in this mix at all! The name is just what I came up with after putting about 0.00003 seconds of thought into it. :p
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not a bad mix... i'm more of a dancehall guy, but there are some tight tunes on this still....

lori, thanks for the heads up on this one...
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