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Do's and Don't's: Job Interviews


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HMV is interviewing people in the two offices behind me.

And it's REALLY distracting to my work because I can hear almost everything. And I get to see all the applicants and chat with them.


Any others?


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The interviewer is a really beautiful black woman who would probably tell you to put that boob back in that Dragon Ball Z shirt.


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lol, someone wore one of those to the final cherry beach this year.. wtf!

oh, don't do a line of speed before hand

"My pleasure, in other people's leisure"


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don't come in a 10 year old, colour-worn t-shirt that slouches down your shoulders and reveals chest hair (for a man).

do shower and have clean nails!


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Re: Re: Do's and Don't's: Job Interviews

Originally posted by ginsu
GOKU!!!! kamehame-ha!

hot shirt.
if the shirt is anything like the tv show, it would take 5 episodes for the shirt to be buttoned up.


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Look into they persons eyes while you speak to them
Sit up straight.
Don't fidget.
Don't say ya, the word is yes
Don't say ummmmmmm
Don't say what? the word is pardon
Dress how the best dressed person at that job would dress

jared k

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don't ramble. answer the question then stop, even if the interviewer just sits there. if they want more, they'll ask for it.


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Shit, I just did this yesterday!! I told myself before the interview that I would not ramble!! and I did it anyway..........but after I said sorry, I ramble alot when I'm excited!!!

jared k

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-don't wear cologne
-show up 10 minutes early but not more than 15
-firm handshake
-lots of eye contact
-think of "outcome oriented" stories - things that had a positive result
-have a couple copies of your resume with you
-turn off your cell phone
-sit up straight
-if you must be funny, limit your humor to one attempt
-be ready for tough questions: "what are your weaknesses?" think of rather minor things and then tell about how you're trying to fix them. "i'm not the most comfortable public speaker, but i'm currently reading _____, which is giving me some good ideas for how to overcome this."
-have 4-5 questions prepared (but not about salary)
-show enthusiasm but don't appear overly eager
-thank the interviewer
-send a follow-up email thanking them for their time (be sure to get a business card from them)


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Think of one good little anecdote in advance, and a few good questions about the company or job.

The anecdote comes in handy for the opening chit chat, and you will surely be asked at the end of the interview if you have any questions. Having an intelligent question shows interest and reduces awkwardness.

Also, read the whole newspaper beforehand so you don't miss anything.

jared k

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-don't bad-mouth former employers. when you're asked why you left, something like "i wanted to take my career in a different direction" will suffice.
-read the company's website, press releases and any other info you can find (google). you'll probably be asked what you know about the company.

jared k

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provide answers that show:

-people skills
-positive attitude
-multi-tasking ability
-desire to advance
-ability to take direction

don't bullshit. a good interviewer will see through it.