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Dope Hip Hop Records for Sale/Trade


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Aiyo, Im selling some vinyl of the Hip Hop Variety. The following is a short-list of records I'm willing to sell/trade, especially if you have some choice Drum and Bass;). Email me if you're interested in any of the following, or if you have questions about tracklistings or the B-sides for the singles etc... chinaman@upath.com or icq 106208030
If the list interests you, I have many more classic hip hop records, email me a wants list, and you never know, if you have the right price/record.

Album LP’s
Xzibit – 40 Days 40 Knights
Method Man – Judgment Day
Streets is Watching – Soundtrack
Black Moon – War Zone
Superrappin – The album (compilation)
Smooth Da Hustler – Once Upon a time in America
Pete Rock – Soul Survivor
Gza/Genius – Beneath the Surface
Don’t be a Menace… - Soundtrack
A Tribe Called Quest – The Love Movement
Pharoahe Monch – Internal Affairs (Instrumentals)
Eightball – Lost

Hip Hop Underground’s Finest EP
Shyheim – EP (Lost Generation)
Jurassic 5 – EP (Concrete School Yard)

Cocoa Brovaz – Spanish Harlem
Mack da Maniak – What goes up
Field Mob – My Main Roni
Saukrates – White Label
2 Rude feat Pharoahe Monch – Innovations
Shabaam Shadeeq – So Real
Wyclef Jean – Gone till November
Master P – Light it up
Rok One – Certified Superior
Group Home – Make it in life
Goodie Mob – Chain Swang
Tuapc – Hell for a Hustler
Jay Z – Takeover
L-Fudge – What if?
El Da Sensei – All Rise
Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz – Uptown Baby
Frosted Brakes
Naughty by Nature – Dirt all by my lonely
Nas feat Jay Z – Analyze this
White Label - ???
Nas – Nas is like
Madlocks – Snake Eyes
Black Star – Definition
Eminem – Scary Movies
Group Home – Dial a thug
The Lords – The dat

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Originally posted by smile
how many tracks per side on those war zone and soul survivor albums?

War Zone -
Side A - Intro + 4 tracks
Side B - Interlude + 3 tracks
Side C - 4 tracks
Side D - Intro, Outro + 4 tracks

Soul Survivor -
Side A - Intro + 4 tracks
Side B - 4 tracks
Side C - 4 tracks
Side D - 4 tracks

I do have doubles of Nas is Like but I'm keeping the other one.
Two people have showed interest in the Nas is Like single, so make an offer.

Just Added! Nas - I am (Lp Album)

Smile, mail me a list of artists/songs you are looking for, cuz i didnt post everything, and hook up a list of DnB you might be willing to trade. Gems for Gems yah? ;)
Jungle Boi check your ICQ