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Doom VS Megalon and Grim Beef?


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Anyone care to add, elaborate or clarify what's going on here? I learned from another board that Grimm and Megalon released a diss track to Doom in response to El Cupa Nibre on the Danger Doom album where Doom takes shots at Grimm and Megalon. Here are Grimm and Megalon's verse I don't have the actual track so don't quote me on this; for all I know this could be made up. Can anyone confirm this?

Grimm's Verse:

Doin songs with RZA
That’s funny shit
I remember, you told me
That he bit Tick, Tick
You said ghost was whack
You didn’t like his style
2 faced and 3 headed
Bitch i'll pull your file

Put yourself in danger
Running with a mouse
l turned to braces
Punch you in your mouth
Zev luv x, used to be merry
The mask took control of you
Like Jim carrey
Cap him in the jaw
Knock it off him
M.I.C. got to put your mask in a coffin
Mos def, de la soul
Roots can't revive you
When the bullets start flying
Whos gonna hide you?
Rhymesayers, stonesthrow
Nature Sounds signed you
Make peace with you?
Zev, i tried to

Megalon's Verse:

Fucking you up on stage
Tell them about the time
That Gunn punched you in the face
Basically you was hatin
And then you ran away
You aint a man, you a character
I bet that mask make you feel a lot scarier
Cos Man to man is your doom
Like we’re parallel
M.I.C. can see you soon at your burial
Listen Vicky your not goons you cartoons
Your hype man is not Grimm thats not him
What you speak is not true, its not you
Your team’s weak, I’ll pop them, then pop you
Smog made ya mask
Jet jag made your name
M.I.C. gave you life and we can take that shit away

terrawrist III

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wow...I would say it's fake but who knows...thought they were all tight??

grimm is still behind bars isn't he?

now to find the track if it indeed exists
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Sugar D

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the track is actually pretty bad but it's funny nonetheless.
Agreed that Doom would destroy if he took this bait.

terrawrist III

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doom is kind of guy who would create 15 new beats and have all his alter-egos destroy them...I would be very worried about the vengeance:D


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this diss track is pretty lame, no comparison whatsoever to doom's style, he'd eat them alive!
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wayne bradbury

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The rumour is Grimm and Megalon are mad that Doom isn't tagging them along as he is blowing up. They think they gave birth to him with M. I. C.
Fact is Doom is alot better than all of M.I.C. lyrically and technically, and he started in KMD.
They are both mad they aren't getting "the recognition they deserve"
Both are good MCs but this is pathetic jealousy.


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Originally posted by terrawrist III
man that M.I.C. LP is so on!...sucks they won't be making another one
Have faith,
Maybee after everyone exchanges mad battle raps, they will come to peace with one another and make a new MIC album.


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djdeposit said:
Have faith,
Maybee after everyone exchanges mad battle raps, they will come to peace with one another and make a new MIC album.
I don't know about that man. I think MF has moved on, and Grimm's pretty cheesed. But honestly, and no offence to Grimm, he hasn't really progressed the way Doom has. His development, in comparison to Doom, really doesn't cut it.

Would love to hear Doom and Vast Aire collab on an EP or full length. Think that would be a crazy mix.
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