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Doom is the best movie ever!


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Holy crap!

oscar! oscar! this movie had it all... zombies, guns, sibling drama, computerized special effect... plot? the blonde bond girl from Die Another Day.... and


I'm serious. this movie is probably the best thing ever... it cured my colon cancer as I watched! normally i'm wary of videogames being made into action movies not being accurate, but the fact they actually had a scene with first person perspective, it was bang on.

fact: annoying humans become zombies!

fact: the rock didn't do his trademark eyebrown thing.

fact: being good or evil is genetic according to the film

this movie went straight to video because movie projectors were melting from the sheer awesomeness of the film. the church officially band this movie because god is jealous of its power.

rent it... watch it... live it...

I want my 4 dollars back.
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I watched Into the Blue earlier today and was surprised at how fun it was.

Doom looks about as much fun as crawling bum first across the Salt Flats with a scrotal wound.
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I'm gonna try Dukes of Hazzard now but seriously doubt its ability to be better than doom.

its Doom, a movie made from a video game that didn't have a plot.
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