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Doom Generation on Showcase



I haven't seen this since I was 19. Soooo badly acted, but I love the premise. And Rose McGowan is fucking SEX.

The soundtrack kicks ass too....just heard Jesus and Mary Chain's Penetration. Niiiice.

If any of you haven't seen it, turn it on. The climatic scene is one of the most disturbing evah.


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I had such high hopes for this movie when a friend professed his love for Greg Araki. Then I watched it. And hated it. I also had high hopes for Rose's character...I thought she'd be this kick-ass vixen...instead she was just annoying! Such great dialogue as "wake up and smell the capuccino!" *gag*



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Nowhere is pretty good. I rented it for a birthday party and I got slammed for picking such a fucked up movie.

I STILL want to see the Doom Generation though. I have been wanting to see it for years.


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Did someone say...


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