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don't you hate it when.... (warning: NYC brag)

spoony d

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dont' you hate it when you pop in to a buddies gig cuz it's their birthday, and you want to stop in for the party, just to say hey, have a drink, show some support and give them a happy b-day, and just when you're gonna leave cuz you got somewhere else to go, you grab your coat, and.... oh, hey, danny tenaglia's here. Guess it's not time leave yet. :D

I heart New York.



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Yeah, it must be really rough when that happens. [cough]

I bet you went home feeling ill becuase of it. ;)

Jay K.

spoony d

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i feel really sorry for the guy dj'ing at the time. He didn't see danny walk in, and danny's like, "watch this, i'm gonna go make him nervous", and he walks over, leans over the guys shoulder and is like "do you have anything by Danny Tenaglia". the dude got totally flustered, tee hee :)


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Holy shit that's nuts. Did DT throw down an impromptu set, or just look over the other DJ's shoulder????

spoony d

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he was just bustin the kids balls :)

It was so funny when he walked in. The whole little raised VIP section of this place got all quiet, and everyone was checking him out, but trying really hard not to be obvious, and stay cool. I mean, you get used to hanging around dj's and producers and stuff that are international, and really big names, but it's impossible to maintain your cool when Danny walks into the room, everyone turns into a starry eyed teenage girl.
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spoony d

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Originally posted by The Magical White Isle
That's a fucking super slick story.


Where was this party at?

Groovy lounge place called Angel on Orchard St. (lower east side). My friend Rich (who'd birthday it was) does a regular Thursday there, and has some interesting friends :D

I just heard that Danny was spotted later that night at Filter 14 running the lighting board for a couple hours! It's funny too cuz when we said goodbye to him he's like "Are you guys going to Filter 14?" Word is he really digs that space, it's tiny but has a HONKING sound system. It's kind of a mini Vinyl.

Par- T

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Next time you see him, tell Mr. T to swing by the city a few hours to the north, would you!

The other DJ must have shit his pants ... ack - taking requests from Danny T., holy shit.
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Dear friends & family

It's been a loooooooong time since I have posted here or have even logged on to any website to see what topics are being discussed including on DTourism.com.

As you all can imagine, I was as busy as I could possibly be preparing for the Winter Music Conference. I am happy to be back home safe and happy with the success of the event. Thanks to all who read here that made their way down to Miami for this special event.

I just wanted to basically pop in and say a BIG hello to all my friends and fellow music lovers.

Last night I had a great night out hanging out with lounge Goddess "Niki" and James "Zooma-Glamour"!

Fisrt we stopped by "Angel" to wish a very warm "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RICH WOODS" (One of my favorite DJ's who continually turns me out with his incredible CD's). Also, I finally made it to Filter 14 to see & hear my very close friend "DJ Rob Sperte" whom I've known for almost 10 years now. I plan on booking Rob as a guest DJ @ Vinyl in the very near future as well.

There was a nice crowd at both parties and was cool to see Birchan playing at Rich's birthday too. I even stole a 12" from him....... a BOMB! OOOF!

Also nice to see Naseem, Rob Rives, Chris & Katz, Lydia Rhodes (love her) and Tracey (Rich's gf). Also DM from Throb records on 14th St... Speaking of Throb... I finally shopped there the other night and got 2 bags full of GEMS! Thank You Aldo, Prozak & DM......

I get sooo many records in the mail, but the best stuff is still to be found in all the shops. Each store has it's own identity and one can easily spend a whole weeks salary in 2-3 hours.....

As many of you know (and hopefully can see) I am Loving Life and truly having "Fun @ 41"... and just wanted to say Thank You for making my Birthday such a wonderful and incredible weekend 3 weeks ago. It was the best ever!

PS: It is true and I am happy to say that I was very welcomed by my peer Junior Vasquez at Exit this past Sunday "Easter morning". I am writing this for those of you who wanted it to be confirmed. Well here it is, plain and simple. Junior & I know each other since we met at The Better Days on 49th St. back in 1981, and yes there were many changes in all of our lives, but nothing ever stopped us from having respect for each other's career, talent & success. I was happy to hug the man and I hope you are all happy that we are both happy for each other

Maybe now people can finally stop babbling nonsense as if Junior and I have problems with each other, we don't. He even hooked me up with a copy of his remix of 'Baby wants to ride" which I liked very much and you will be hearing it @ Vinyl and other venues (I hope to return that favor soon).

Now onto the topic of us DJ's playing at other venues.
Well, I will only speak on my behalf of what I do and what decisions I make with my options and offers.

Yes, I played at Space in the Hamptons twice this past Summer and had a GREAT time both times! What's the beef? I also played at The World 3 times and had a great time each time I played there as well. I played at the Sound Factory for the first time ever on Wednesday the day before Thanksgiving and had a fantastic time there too! Jonathan Peters has also been a friend of mine for over ten years and I even stopped by to see & hear him Saturday as well before Exit, and before that I was @ Vinyl bopping to Mr. Wonderful "Danny Howells".


So what if I am playing at Abyss? I am looking forward to it. I actually hear it's an incredible room with great sound. Why is it so wrong for us to try to bring what we do and spread our vibes and maybe even educate a new audience into something different for a change of pace? If we don't do it, how will the crowds that normally go there ever know the difference between local resident DJ's and some of us more well known DJ's who are known for traveling? Is it OK for me to play in Detroit and Texas, but not in New Jersey? I call it "Spreading the Love" and bring the attitude and concept of "Being Yourself Somewhere Else" for a night. Your are all welcome to come, as I know many Vinyl regulars will.

Believe me, it is a good thing for everyone when DJ's like myself, JR & JP, etc play at other venues whether locally or in other cities or countries.

Not every one has the luxury of living in NY and do not have the oppurtunity to hear Eric Morillo on a Thursday or his guest, or Me and my guest on Fridayss, or Deep Dish and other Global DJ's @ Vinyl on Saturdayss, or Timmy Regisford @ Shelter, or JP @ SF & Junior @ Earth......

Do you people have any idea how lucky we have it living here in NYC? This includes the record shops available to us and even the small weeknight parties as mentioned above.

As usual, I know I start to babble and get carried away with my post....... I think it's because I always tend to write them right before I am about to go to sleep and am wound up from the entire day, plus I am always excited that it is Friday, and when I wake up I will be immediately planning for my evening @ Vinyl.

I'll shut up now...... But please don't dis us. We all work very, very hard and don't deserve to be unfairly judged and criticized, especially when you don't even know most of what our daily lives are like with continuous request for bookings, remixes, interviews, etc...

If it means anything at all to you so you cannot call me a sellout, for the third time I have turned down the oppurtunity to remix Britney Spears! I was asked to remix Cher, Sinead O'Connor, Backstreet Boys, and many more. It's not that I would not remix these artists, it's just that I was not truly 100% feeling these songs and didn't think I could do them justice.

I am still in the process of collaborations with Tom Stephan, DJ Vibe, DATAR, Cass & Slide, Peter Daou as well as looking forward to remixing the classic Yoko Ono's "Walking on thin ice", song from 1981. This song was groundbreaking electronic dance music that was a hit back then and was even a Paradise Garage Classic! Who would have ever guessed???

Before I go, I want to thank Manny Ward for his wonderful soiree set with me in Miami on the Space Terrace. You will also hear Manny again soon @ Vinyl. Manny... You TURNED it! Especially @ my birthday! WOW!

Remember, I am still a person like all of you and have no plans on stopping what I'm doing. I shall continue to Dance, act like a kid, and maybe even a fool at times... and continue to love life and Thank God for it all >>> daily.

The world may change around us..... but we're still the same kids we always were just doing what we love the most.

PLEASE do not turn this post into drama.
Like I said..... IT's ALL GOOD!

Any future personal questions I will still be happy to answer within reason, as long as it is respectful. Then you can post here with the proper facts if it pertains to me.

One shameless plug before I sign off....

My new double CD compilation will finally be available in 2 weeks. It's from the UK and is for a famous party there called Back to Basics. This party just celebrated its 10-year anniversary. I am honored to have done this one and I feel it's one of my personal favorites ever, well since the Mix this Pussy series on Tribal and the Global's too..... But this one is very special, and I just hope some of the songs don't seem dated as it took very long for many to be cleared (including my own "Be Yourself production). If you all only knew some of the drama it takes to get from point A to Z on some of these projects

We will have a CD release party @ Vinyl the 3rd Friday in April.
...And a "MADD HATT" party the last week in April til' noon!

Peace, Love, Respect & God Bless to ALL!