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DONE (for real this time)


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Thanks everyone for your good wishes!

I am now officially a grown-up :)

Just to give you an idea of what an ass out program director is:
During the exam today, my friend Joanna had to go to the washroom--and the fucking guy wouldn't let her!!! This is a 26-year-old woman, not a child in kindergarden.

But, thank goodness, the evilness is done with for good. Us cool kids in class decided to go on our own pub adventure instead of the one our program director had planned, and it was much better.

Rosey: as for my dream...well...I would like to work at a magazine, hopefully in the area of consumer marketing or ad sales. On Monday I begin a six-week internship, and I hope that they will be so charmed by me that I'll get hired full-time by the end :)
The program I was in was a post-grad certificate in Book & Magazine Publishing at Centennial College.

I can't believe I'm done! This calls for some serious partying!!!!

Maybe since we're not going to Sasha & Digweed tonight, we should have an afterparty here :p We'll make you guys breakfast and roll big fatties.