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donald glaude & timmy p @ element.


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i'd hate to have the title of the thread not include our lovable hometown hero, timmy p. both of these guys absolutely tore it up last night. it's so damn hard to get me to dance, but i just didn't want to stop last night once i got started. i'm a little tired right now, and it's such a nice day, so i'll cut this post short. but the night was a lot of fun. both djs that i saw played amazing. it's hard to figure out who played the better set.

only down note was that i had to leave really early and the downstairs was incredibly packed. but all in all, a very fun time was had by me.


Bobby Thrust

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I would have to agree with CC that Tim Patrick deserves a lot of credit for the set he played last night. As the first person on the floor last night and the last one out the door, I can certainly say that both Tim and Donald Glaude were off the hook.
Listening to Tim work up the beats from mellow grooves to his last 45 minutes of excellent cheese free banging bass was a treat. I think it is fair to say that Tim was just as much the headliner as Donald because the crowded room was going off and well primed when the big guy took the stage.
Donald played exactly how every person in the room expected him to play. Hard, funky and hands in the air "Get yo hands up!"
There was a fellow beside me who had never seen him play before who had a perma-grin like i have never seen.
For Element, a place I have never been, I must say it was a very friendly crowd with a ton of energy. Nice to hear yelling and screaming as though people are having fun (which they clearly were). It is also nice to go to a place that I have never been and know a decent chunk of good people that I like seeing!
The dancing was more like being at a rock show thow since the most you could do was raise your hands and pump your fist (or give the horns of rock and roll such as myself. I held on to the railing near the booth for about 4 hours until the urge to go to the bathroom took me away. I think people were pissed off that I was a hog but I knew that I had the best spot in the house and wanted to milk it. I did relinquish but the room was so packed, I needed a shoehorn to get anywhere.

All in all, wicked time. Great vibe, excellent beats (well, minus the 20 minutes of NRG...not my cup of tea but the night was not just for me so that is fair), rockin time!



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Absolutely amasing!
I got there when Timmy was playing one of my favourite songs, so from the start, I was jumping all over.

Then I heard my song... oooooooo I was on fire. Donald Glaude was great as usual, but I think Tim Patrick made my night and I was begging him to go back and spin some more.

Great night, although there wasn't much space to dance, I had to dance behind the stage where that big fan was.

I recognised some faces that used to be present at Turbo. All and all, it was an AMASING night, really nice vibe and tunes.

I kinda miss Turbo though, but I can settle with Element.


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If DG and TP were catchin' wreck in the basement, who was spinning upstairs? Myka?

KiLlALaDy ... just curious, what is your song?

Tracks, not songs
=====================> Suke.


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S-dawg, 'closed circuit' technolgy upstairs. Line up's to go DS???
TP owns, pound for pound, better than a Bernard Hopkins 12 round TKO!!
DG first .45 solid! then the crowd got"too" into it and he started bustin' out the "elbow" shizz. But, all in all my kinda' "vibe".
"Get the funk DOWN!."

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Suke:
If DG and TP were catchin' wreck in the basement, who was spinning upstairs? Myka?

KiLlALaDy ... just curious, what is your song?

Tracks, not songs
=====================&gt; Suke.
There are two TRACKS that I like right now,

J Sanchez & C Smith - Slave Beat and X Press 2000 - Music Xpress.


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Shazzzz ... Looks like the party was "Off The Hook". Its interesting that the "mature crowd" was feelin' DG.

Its been a while but:

"Let the Dawg out the cage 'cause I'm ready to bark"

DMX Freestyle - '98

DG Surrond Sound ===============&gt; Suke.
I rolled up to the club at around 3am, to a packed house. Would have liked to come earlier, but I was taking care of some other business

Donald Claude was off the hook. As everyone said, people were pretty much packed in and bouncing around and having a blast. It was nice to see. I think he himself put on a great show by pumping his fists, shouting and hyping up the crowd.

I'd like to give props to that sick mix of Michael Jackson's PYT tune. An unexpected and pleasant surprise indeed. I have heard Billy Jean (by Jason Bye) and Thriller (by LaFlesche) mixed before, but never PYT. I was pretty impressed. I always love an old school track thrown in.


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I agree PYT was amazing!! Mixed in right after Miss. Jackson!!!! I was loving it!!
Miss.Jackson + PYT = comicial and brilliant!!
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Tim patricks set was awesome.. the last 45 of it was totally sped up and poundin.. was lovin it..... so much i went out to waterloo and caught his set at the revolution the next night

some downers.... the unbelievable heat in the basement.....

how crowded it was.... and the disrespect for a persons space when they're trying to enjoy the music.. i was up front watchin/enjoyin DG's set for about 20 min b4 i had enuff.. i felt like i was in a mosh pit... so i just went upstairs where it was nice and cool and lots of room/seating..

Left after about 3....

Was nice talkin to those who i ran into upstairs.. ian..michelle.. jen..etc..

and was nice seein the ones i ran into downstairs.. sarah.. kevin.. Jo... pete(eww..green rev).. etc




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so holy birthday fun for me on friday nite!!!

i've loved donald glaude for years and what a nice treat that he was playing on my birthday!!!

started the nite off with a wee little party at my house....thanks to all those who came!! nice to have some quality hangout time with you guys!!

ended up down at element relatively on the early side to beat the line etc. from the moment we walked in i was hyped for a par-tay!!!

it has already been said but tim patrick is awesome!! he consistently throws down an awesome set which makes me dance so much that i am tired by the time the headliner comes on!! friday nite was no exception!! good work tim!!

donald glaude rocked it too. the entire room was so energitic! it was awesome!!! some silliness over took us and at times andrea and i became the 'random screaming girls'...pretty funny

danced my ass off, drank my ass off, laughed my ass....generally had a great nite!!

thanks to the birthday crew for making my nite so wonderful!! kevin (and i) got a bit too drunk so we had to leave a tiny bit on the early side, but it was all good. went home and had some cookies which ended off the nite perfectly


Smiley Jo

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by The Magical White Isle:
Where is Smiley Jo at?
She started the roll call for this party.
I'd like to hear her thoughts and see those bubble characters!
LOL, I'm right here, I was just lazy yesterday....

Looking back, I had a pretty fun night, but it was mostly due to the great company, ie. seeing all my friends out and having fun.

Downstairs was pure ridiculous chaos. Thank goodness I got to dance a bit to Timmy's set (stellar as usual, but i've gushed about him on enough occasions!) because as the night progressed the ability for me to dance at ALL got seriously cramped. There was NO room. I was poked, pushed, bumped, and got the ever popular back in my face all night long. After awhile though, it was just funny. I knew we couldn't do anything about it so I was just laughing my ass off at everything.

Donald was allright, he really rocked the crowd, and pounded his fist and all that sort of good stuff, BUT he was not as good as the other times i've seen him. His mixing was a bit slice and dice at times, but I certainly can't criticize, I couldn't mix a rekkid to save my life.. (well, not yet anyway...) He has great tracks and seems to be able to pull off a set where he can use all sorts of different styles yet still keep the energy up. Sounds like a missed a few of my faves later on in the night, but I was fearing for my life and thought it was time to book.

I'm sure I would have been able to enjoy Glaude's set a bit more if I had been able to dance, but such is life. Although I think it will be a good long time before I go and see a headliner at Element.

Thx to my crew for keeping me smiling all night!

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