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Donald Glaude...'till the lights come on!


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It was nice to see the Tribe Board Massive in full effect! What a PhUCkIn GREAT time! Donald Glaude was insane and truly worked the crowd! Nothing like a DJ who lets loose and shares his energy and excitment to take the crowd to the next level. A dance-a-thon until the lights came on and only the true heavyweights were left!! So where did everyone disappear too? A big shout out to those who made the night I wont soon forget....LORI the Kilt queen Woo hoo and a girl who kept me going on the dance floor!! Ritika you should have joined us in the parking lot for post club activities!Will are you okay :p Im sure LIBRAnurse took care of you! Suke glad to have you back on board...I knew you wouldnt last with the SOBER Lightweight KREW! Nice to meet you Pete. Astroboy...$16,000!!!!!! DAMN!


Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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yup yup, Donald did not dissapoint, although I dare say his first set was better

Chrome, no doubt brother, it sucks some major ass!!

Astroboy out...


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oh donald glaude...he looks like a big teddy bear but MAN, does he rip shit up!! (astoboy, i agree with ya. his set at turbos opening was a bit better!)

nevertheless, the man did not let us down. how could you not feel the energy when the DJ is obviously having the time of his life as well?? man, i love when the dj is having fun too. thats what it is all about really.

well, i was HYPED for this nite and damn, did i have fun. headed downtown for some drinks with a friend, then headed to turbo and my crew of boyz surprised me by meeting me outside! i didn't think they were coming at all!! lovely to have them out!! and to all the tribe members out - its always a pleasure guys!!

overall, i had a great time. great friends everywhere, great beats supplied by the masters - tim patrick, donald glaude and stretch and hooker....equals a killer nite!!

finally dragged my ass outta there at 5am....i must have looked pretty pathetic cuz my cab driver pulled over to coffee time and got me a coffee!!! (not like i needed it then but whatever!!! sweet, weird? i dunno.




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Originally posted by ChROmE:
Ritika you should have joined us in the parking lot for post club activities!


I would have but I looked away for a second and the next thing i knew you were gone. I didnt know where you had gone so I left. Next time cool?

Anybody who saw me at on that night knows what an amazing time I had. I was set out to dance and I didn't stop. Wow.
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