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Donald Glaude@Slimelight


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Hahahaha.....I beat my krew home.

Ritika...Lorrie....Amber(totally cutest girl ever!!!!)...Thanks for dinner @ Hooters. Great times!!! Stop spilling my Coronas!!!Donald Glaude did not disapoint. Good,..Solid set. Few old...few new....just generally solid. Nice seeing McBee, Beaker, LPS (Dan), and whoever I can't remember right now (I sooooo trashed!!). Peace out,



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^^^^^^^^^^^Nice to meet you! Fun ride home eh?

Say hi to Pierre, glad he had a good time!

I had a blast myself. Nice seeing everyone I saw. =)


drunken post.........sleep now..........
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Aphrodite:
omg... typng is impossible... pure madness.. pmp nuff tbk.. omg....</font>

I must say that Aphrodite looked particularly hot tonight...


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What a MADHOUSE!!! I haven't seen Limelight so packed in over a year!

Too bad I've worked the past two days, AND I have to work in 3.5 hours, otherwise, I would've had more energy to fight off the 748392843 people bumping into me.

Overall, it was a good night. Seeing old faces..The Living Room Crew..New faces (Sarah, Ritika, etc..), I can't say I miss the Limelight crowd though.."No, I don't have any blow! Yes, I know you mean cocaine! STOP SPITTING ON ME!" It was good to see Ian and Amber and all you guys..

I was so hyped to see Donald Glaude since I hadn't seen him in a while...."What do you mean he doesn't play breaks anymore?!" He played some good tracks, but I got bored after an hour..

I should've gotten drunk

Oh well..



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I have to say it absolutley amazing...please bear with me...the room is spinning as we speak...
yes i am very drunk, and yes I had a good time...nobody gets into it the way donald does!! and I'd have to say that dan and colin put on the quite the show on themselves too.

But the dissapointing part of the nite is that for the second time jonny couldnt come up with the courage to talk to a girl he saw at serenity AND limelight tonite.... yes it truely is sad.... she really is beautiful....
white bandana, blonde hair, good dancer too..... ah well.... maybe next time... hopefully....

Jonny w

&lt;--kickin himself for not saying hi to her.

p.s. i met stormshadow... supa cool dude...nice to see hamilton being represented!!

Smiley Jo

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Note: Please excuse any ridiculous mistakes as I am so bloody hungover and my brain is broken.
Donald Glaude last night at Limelight?
Now THAT'S what i'm talkin' about.
Sorry to be all old school, but that's what Limelight wednesdays used to be like all the time. So many familiar faces, smiles all round, pure chaos, mad people everywhere.

What a blast.

It so great to see people represent for Glaude, because he destroyed! Even in my somewhat intoxicated state I could not stop dancing, and he kept us all pumpin' right til the end. You know you're good when you can keep a place packed til 3am on a weeknight.

Crazy beats! I liked his set way better last night then at Bittersweet, but club and party sets are always different.

It was super meeting more of the crew, I mean how cool is it that someone recognizes you and comes up to say "hi"? I think that's fabulous.

To everyone who made my night so fun, (you know who you are) and to Metro for puuling out all the stops, I thank you. The patchy memories of this fantastic night will keep me smiling for a long time!

&lt;-- now please, pray for me, I have to work for 15 hours, and I think i'm going to die.
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That was a good old fashion get drunk-a-thon, led by our very own pint sized Libra 'WATER? WATER? Fuck water, lets get a shot. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze. Fuckin pussy, what the hell are you gonna drink water for?" Dragon.

Dirty potty mouthed skank!
Buying Jagermiester shots like they were rasberry peach schnaps. But I guess it does'nt really matter since I have today off.

Donald Glaude destroyed the place. I have now seen him 3 times and everytime he drops the hardest funkiest shit EVAR! Then to top it all off, he's up there behind the decks trying to incite us to more madness by yelling and screaming at us. Keepin' it hype!

Tribe board was reprezentin' big time last nite. Met a few more new faces. Thanx to Limelight and Metro for getting back together. Wednsday nite on the Limelight patio are gonna be sick, sick, sick.flea


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Wicked night last night. I remember now why I don't make it a habit of going out on a weeknight when I have to work in the am... 3.5 hrs sleep and fuzzy brain aren't condusive to a productive work day!

Thanks for the Yager Libra! Too bad you took off early - pussy (as you would say!).

It was awesome seeing everone I knew and meeting all those I didn't previous to last night. It was amazing how many TBKers were there. For those I didn't meet, I'm sure I will at ROLL CALL!!

As for Glaude, he was slammin as always. Hadn't seen him since Turbo opened last April, and man was he good. Picked up where Timmy P left off, and took it up to new heights and was still rising at 3am when I left.

Newayz, back to work!



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where were all you guys?!

actually it's my own fault. it was too crowded so we were standing up by the booth and didn't really move from there. stayed for about an hour of his set and he was spinning some sick stuff.

Matt (ThePlunger) and Dan (LPR) looked completely wasted!
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Ya know what?

I had the best time last night.

I haven't been to Limelight for a long time, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Mr. Glaude was exceptional (his track selection rocked), the beer was flowin' freely (in a $2.50 free kinda way) and the crowd was wicked...

I could do without the Barbie doll trying to hustle neon green shots in my face every 5 minutes... sorry Honey, but your perky 'lil breasts are no match for a big, blonde black man with a great smile behind the decks.

genetically modified beit


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killer time.. i so wish that party would have gone past 3.. i ran into alot of hammered people... and people of the board who i have never met before.. shouts out to Will and LibraDragon and to Corey as well, kewl to meet you..

as far a Glaud was concerned... i would say it was what i was expecting to hear.. and alot of fun... i really liked that pistolwhip remix.. he definitely had me dancing.. hard.. the front was alot of fun, it was cool to see people yellin back at Glaud and sooo many hands in the air.. just slammin...

for a two fifty drink night.. for $10.. you definitely cannot complain.. a great way to start the summer..



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&gt;&gt;&gt;Donald Glaude&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;
&gt;&gt;&gt;Ain't no Fraud&lt;&lt;&lt;&lt;

So I haven't been to Limelight in quite some time. Last time may have been to see Anne Savage a long time ago. (I remember when the place used to kick ass...and the patio in the summer) Regardless...this is the kinda party I like. Hard house, break beat...the bass pounding kinda party! Whoa....

I got drunk real fast too! People moving and dancing! Smiling faces and pretty girls. I hope next time they open upstairs. Glaude was in full form....and I didn't know homeboy could scratch either!

Met a cutey pie too....(which doesn't really happen for me often...as it is safer to gawk than be rejected). She's not into the scene but she and I were groovin' to the music which made it all worthwhile.

Limelight is really slimelight though. Speakers didn't sound really full until Donald stepped up to the ones and twos. The place is really dark and dingy. People were there to dance though so the sketchyness was kept to a minimum....but last night I was there for da music!

Peace Party People

P.S. No disrespect intended..and..I know drinks are cheap and everything....but yo... this diss goes out to the bartending staff. Try not to serve the people in one area of the bar only. There are many paying customers that are spread out along the bar waiting to make eye contact with you for their drinks. In some cases we have waited much longer than the people who suddenly appear in an empty spot. Make your way down the bar..to people who have been waiting. I waited for half of on hour....when other people beside me would just walk up and get served.....


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It's was a good night, even though I left earlier. But Mr. Glaude was rocking the place!

It's nice to have 2.50$, but it sucks that I had to work today, and that I drove down

But it was a great time, nice meeting a ton of you... too many to list. But met a lot last night, more than expected

O well, back to my day at work...

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Adam Duke

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sux X 2 for having to work today! Argh, the pain!

Wonderfully fun night - never seen so many TBK (or TBC as it were for Suke) in my life! DAMN! Met a whole slew of wicked individuals that I'd been meaning to meet including the mighty Aphrodite, luscious Libradragon, marvelous mcbee, jiggy jmaggs, and the willing accomplice to TBK debauchery, Klubmasta Will.

Too much fun! Too much pain afterwards! Never too soon to do it up again!

Suke - you warrant the title of 'MR. Hardcore' in my books - he's not a man, he's a machine!

tech care,



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WOW. What a night! Colin and Dan were amazing...thanks for sweet dreams Dan!

I actually ventured downstairs for once (without being forced) and I must say Donald Glaude knows how to put on a show! Coming home was quite the charades. Having to stop on the highway so my friend can puke..losing her cellphone...and having to take care of her...OHHH $2.50 drinks! It was great to see everyone...except Chuck who was sleeping :p

mikey g

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Find out what it means to me!!!

just another bomb night at Slimers

Donald = Funky Ass Shit


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by hardtekfunk:
[Suke - you warrant the title of 'MR. Hardcore' in my books - he's not a man, he's a machine!


"Just Married."---------------&gt;SOUP '01
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