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Don Sizzle - Moody Tunes (House)

Don C

TRIBE Member
Here are some cuts I've been feelin lately folks. Hope you enjoy, feedback always welcome!

Moody Tunes (right click, save as)

1. Basement Jaxx – Red Alert (Steve Gurley Vocal Mix) – XL
2. Chuck Love – Get Me High – Vista
3. Jamanta Crew – Trick – Good Family
4. Swirl Peepz – Excuse Me – Tango
5. Shawn Ward – Twilight (Mario Fabriani Remix) – Blockhead
6. Miguel Migs – Life & Music – Salted
7. Deep House Soldiers – The Way You Move (JT Donaldson Remix) – Offset
8. Harold Heath – Makes You Feel Right – Sensei
9. Troydon – Close Your Eyes – Freerange
10. Rick Preston & DTC – “The Magnet” (Dubwise Mix) – Worship
11. Fred Everything vs. MIA – Bucky Done Thing (Fred’s Tings-A-Gwan Mix) – White
12. Santiago & Bushido – How We Do – Uniform Grey
13. Trademarq – The New Jam - .Dotbleep
14. Maxx Renn – Acid Jack (Flashback Mix) – Jamayka
---> Floetry – Say Yes (JT Donaldson Remix) – White
15. Harold Heath – Reload (Girls Mix) – Detour
16. Trentemoller – Le Champagne – Naked Music

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Tight Mix!

Four tracks in and I'm liking the tight funky breaks-influenced vibe you've set!

Actually just finished a set ... will send soon


P.S. Johnny Fiasco was in Taipei a couple of weeks ago

Don C

TRIBE Member
rulz said:
troydon track FTW !!!

I had to look up ftw, but now I agree! This track just gets better and better.

Wardo! Good to see you on the board fella, thanks for checking the mix.
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It's not so much that it gets hot at 29 minutes, it's the fact that it stays hot for the rest of the mix.
Take it to the stage!
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