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Don’t fuck the vapid, dammit!


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Thanks for this!

“This kid’s a comic genius. And if nothing else, he knows how to suck a dick. So if I ever get really bored hanging out with him, at least there’s always that to fall back on.”

Ditto Much

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caz said:
just read this all the way through. My lord that Mewes kid is a trainwreck:eek:

well part 9 is 3 years after he has recovered so I guess its actually a happy ending. But its a great fucking read.


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Say what you want about "Jersey Girl" (personally I say that it was a steaming pile) but Smith knows how to tell a story, that's for schizz.
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i hate you for leading me to this b/c i can't stop and it's now sucked up hour 3 of my workday, and i now can't rest until it's all done.

smith's friendship and love for his friend is one of the most beautiful things i've ever read