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Domain Registration and Web Hosting... Help!!

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Agent Smith, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith TRIBE Member

    I need to register a domain and host a website. Can someone please recommend a good site? They all seem kinda shady.
  2. basilisk

    basilisk TRIBE Member

    I am 99% happy with Dreamhost.
  3. xtcfreak

    xtcfreak TRIBE Member

    I recommend using a separate registarr from the hosting company. Makes things easier down the road should you want to switch IMO.

  4. Hi i'm God

    Hi i'm God TRIBE Member

  5. stanimal

    stanimal TRIBE Member

    I would just use GoDaddy to register your domain name. They're the cheapest and their service is satisfactory. You really don't/shouldn't require too much support from your registrar. I have purchased many domains from them over the years and I haven't had any issues.

    Depending on your requirements, I may be willing to host for you for cheap/free.
  6. basilisk

    basilisk TRIBE Member

    I really disliked everything about my GoDaddy experience. I would not recommend them to anyone.

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