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Doing some kind of routing onto a wireless


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Hey all!
I am trying to connect to the internet through my notebook onto a wireless network. For the notebook its ok but the problem is I want another machine to also connect through my computer via the 802.1 port. Is there a way I can do this on XP and if so how. I do have a wireless router but I found out that it can not do bridging on the wireless side. I am not trying to buy another connection either as this internet is free via wireless for my building.

Configs badly needed!



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Originally posted by ibiza911
Try "connection sharing" using a cross over cable to the other computer!!

I have conections and block sync already. I just need to try and get them to route. :confused:


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"connection sharing" is the bridging software built into XP that will route your incoming packets wireless or otherwise to another connection attached to that computer.

Your laptop will route the packets to the other machine, but it does take some processor power to do so, so using a laptop as the router in connection sharing isn't always the ideal.

A wireless card for the other machine might be a better solution, and they cost about as much as a long crossover cable too.