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Does Workopolis write the worst drivel ever?


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A few years ago I must have signed up with my real email.

Since then, I regularly, like, almost daily, get spam from them with, frankly, catchy article titles.

I consume mass amounts of information daily. Largely from the internet. Often from shitty sources.

But has anyone actually read the crap on workopolis? The articles I mean? I presume the literature is there to bring people to their site where they somehow make money - and so the accuracy or legitimacy of their articles is kind of second hat...

But some of it, most of it?, is so crappy that I wonder if some blond first year co-op student isn't being pressed to the keys to pump out one dumb article after the other each day, just enough so that they can spam us with new articles and "click here!" adventures.

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Yeah. I read one once...never again.

In fact, I still get calls from recruiters thanks to that site...thankfully I know better than to waste my time with tech recruiters. Truly, any of them that I have dealt with have no idea what tech is what, or whether I'd be qualified..

Bleh. Workopolis has left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't bother with it. Actual real (Not linkedin) professional networking is where its at.


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Linkedin is useful for one reason, I don't need to hand in a resume. They just look it up on that site.

That said, it's really about who knows you (not the other way around). Reputation counts for a lot (at least in my corner of the tech industry).

-- L

ETA: I haven't used Workopolis in years - and deleted my account a long time ago. Not useful at all, except for very low bids.