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Does the advent of digital technology mean the end of the "superDJ?"


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What I mean is why is anyone going to spend 35 or 50 or 75 bux to see someone from England or Rotterdam or Germany punch buttons on a laptop or an I-pod?

As has been said before in this room to survive at a professional level DJ's certainly, now more than ever, need to get into producing and remixing but does it matter now WHO is up there doing the mixing as much as it once did?
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For sure. The DJs that are going to shine are the ones that will be remixing recreating on the fly.

Regardless of how the music is mixed, people are going to see the big DJs for the music they play.


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or what about if there were only 30 "super" dj's. playing clubs,
some in north america, some in europe, some in the far east. there would
be an audio and video transmission that could be broadcasted and the club
owners would pay to pick it up. i know it obviously creates a better
vibe when the dj can read the crowd, see the dance floor etc, but how
great would it be to be able to go to your favorite space and rock out to
a line up like the the upcoming guv. easter party every weekend.

there could be a hologram of sasha doing lines while diggers lays it down.:)
or steve lawler from an ibiza patio live at the cz