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Does Oblivion Suck?


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didn't see this movie personally, but my parents did and my mom hated it. two hours of Tom Cruise was too much for her and the fact his charachter is cloned 5 times, or whatever, to her just showed that Cruise didn't want other actors involved in the movie with him. she so hates him. lol.
Easy with the spoilers!
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seems like a lot of people are getting hung up on the tom cruise angle... if that's a thing for you then i guess that's that. just to be clear there aren't any new ideas in this movie. it's a couple of sci fi tropes rearranged into a new package which seemed fine to me (like, all bread has the same ingredients but people enjoy it in all its different iterations).

all that said the drone sounds really made the movie for me. can't wait for the dubstep treatment (doo-doo-doo-doo....BWAAAAAAANHHHH).


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I saw it on an IMAX screen. I was entertained. Did it rely on slick production design and special effects to cover the bare patches in its plot? Maybe, but a little eye candy can go a long way.


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I like Tom Cruise (not ashamed to admit it - I like his acting and most of his movies are good). . . so that should help :)

Going to see it on the weekend in IMAX. I will report back!
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It looks great, but it borrows a lot of plot ideas from a LOT of other movies.

I think the guy who did this (Joseph Kosinski - he did the Tron sequel) has a great eye and fantastic ideas for some great action and special effects, but can't really tell an effective story yet, and uses actors more like props than characters. He's got promise, but he could wind up being another Micheal Bay.

[spoil]This is basically a very dumbed down version Moon, but with more explosions. Or a better looking spin of The Sixth Day[/spoil]
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Just when I need to see a new scince fiction movie; Tom Cruise is in it. Jeez.

I dislike the guy, but his films can be good despite sometimes being a little simple and corny.

As for it being sci-fi, he's done it well in the past. Minority Report comes to mind.

Personally MY fears about the film was sparked by Morgan Freeman.

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saw it in imax tonight,

kinda dug the music, had that "tron-esque" feel to it with m83.

the sound and vibrations in the imax theater were cool as it actually felt like you were in the scene (the theater was empty except for about 25 of us)

olga is a babe, still after her best bond days are behind her, the red head was ok too!

storyline did feel a bit total recall meets matrix meets moon
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Waiting for district 9 sequel.

Ditto, though with reservations.

It will be interesting to see if Elyrium suffers from the sophomore slump or not. As long as they keep the summer date, and don't push it back further, that is a good sign.


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I really liked Oblivion. I saw it in IMAX and the visuals, the music and the sounds effects were all amazing. Nice pacing and plot I didn't get bored. Sure it had lots of elements from other science fiction movies but so do most sci-fi pictures. Thumbs up from me!
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It's been a few weeks since this launched so I think it's safe to say that we've passed the spoiler alert territory and I'm going to forego the spoiler button and talk openly about the film and plot.

People who don't like this film, really don't like it but I'm not one of those people. I did enjoy this film. It wasn't the best film I've ever seen but it certainly wasn't the worst. (read my GI Joe review for the worst film of 2013).

The overall design and aesthetic of Obilvion is incredible. I saw it on an AVX screen and the landscapes were wicked.

Joseph Kosinski directed this and it was produced by a bunch of people, David Fincher being one of them. If you're familiar with Kosinski's work than you'll know what to expect. m83 did the music and I thought it was perfect for the tone of the film. It's very Heavy Metal-esque in the scope of its sci-fi.

The industrial design and tech were also fucking wicked. The end of the world brought to you by Apple.

IMO the real problem with this movie is the 2nd half and especially the 3rd Act. Up until the midpoint the film is based in uber-realism of what existence would be like after the end of the world. The secondary plot begins the death spiral and the poor handling of the climax put the nail in the head. They basically "Independence Day-ed" the end of the film and might as well have had Jeff Goldblum stop an alien invasion with a Windows 95 virus and ASCII graphic. So much effort went into creating an environment that could be real but the resolution to the plot is cheesy, hokey and campy. I didn't mind the Harper twist, what pissed me off was the handling of Tet and the final firefight.

I do have to give credit where credit is due. The visual scope of the film and seeing the world in oblivion really unsettled me hours after leaving the cinema and actually gave me nightmares. Kosinki's imagining of the end of everything (environment only...not the characters) is definitely one of the better attempts.

I'll end up buying the blue-ray just because of the story design. It's some damn good sci-fi, it's just a shame the actors had to get in the way.

...and...you get to see Andrea Riseborough's thigh gap..which was hot..lol

stew :)