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Does anyone use a search engine besides google?


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I remember back in the day when we there was alta vista and all that other shit. But since 1999 i have not used anything but google.

I wonder if anyone else does?
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^I was thinking about that the other day as well. There is something really disconcerting about the potential for manipulation of information when you get billions of people only searching through one search engine.

that being said, I pretty much only use it too -


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my site shows that next to google, other popular search engines leading to me are bitacle.org (???) and yahoo. Personaly I use delicious a lot too in order to find stuff. I hear the ms search offering is pretty good now too.

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Lycos, askjeeves, dogpile, xoom, alta vista, yahoo, blueplanet, bigmamma...
there used to so many of them.

all or mostly gone now.

R.I.P: Decent browsers 1994-1999
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Um.. doesn't yahoo surpass google as the #1 search engine in Canada?
That's what they said on the radio. Wait, lemme google this..