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Does anyone still need a hotel for WMC?


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Posting this for a friend whose hotel would not let him out of the deal even tho he tried cancelling 2 mos. in advance.

"Anyone still looking for a hotel room in SoBe for WMC?
I had booked a hotel a while ago for WMC this year, not knowing that it was a non-refundable rate that I had booked. And now I have alternate accommodation during my trip to Miami. So, as you guessed it, I am stuck with two accommodations throughout my trip. Thus, I will be selling my hotel accommodation.

The details are as follows:

Clinton Hotel & Spa
825 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
(305) 938-4040

Check-in: Thu, Mar 23, 2006
Check-out:Sun, Mar 26, 2006


1 room @ 283.00 per night.3 night(s) $849.00
Taxes and fees:$99.61

Hotel Total: $948.61 (this is exactly what I paid)

The hotel's location is prime, right next to the beach. A bunch of us from Toronto rented a house, that's why I need to let this one go.
The hotel is under my name, so I will have to be present at check in. (Those bastards won't even do a name change let alone refund my money).

So if anyone is looking for accommodation during WMC, do let me know. fuadnazim@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance."
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