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Does anyone send Christmas cards anymore?


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I do. I like sending them, especially to far off lands, but I receive fewer and fewer Christmas cards myself each year. I think last year I got 2 from actual people (I got more from suppliers and real estate agents etc. and they don't count).

It is a dying thing I guess. Facebook Christmas card pictures or emailed pic cards are just not the same. Boo.
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My wife and I send out cards every year. Friends and family.

I think it people still enjoy checking the mail and finding a Christmas card. I know I do.
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I also send postcards when I travel. Very few Christmas cards though: just to some family out of country and a few friends who do celebrate Christmas.


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If any of my family were still alive, I'd sent Christmas/holiday cards for sure.

It's the tactile nature, the handwriting, the intrinsic care of a homemade mailing.

That being said, thumbs down to the acceptance of store-bought xmas presents.


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My wife is all about it - sends them out each year & I make a point to sign each one.

We don''t get many in return but it's not about that - people really appreciate the thought.
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