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Does anyone know of any places to donate children's toys?


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We're cleaning out the toys that my brother, sister and I used to play with as kids, and there are a lot of them (stuffed animals, Lego, GI Joes, books, etc). I'd rather give them to someone else than throw them out.

Does anyone know of any places (maybe shelters or hospitals) that accept toys? I don't feel like calling a hundred places and asking, so if anyone knows of one, I'll probably just take them there.

PS - I live in Mississauga, so the further west the place is, the better. :D


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Chum/City TV puts together a massive toy drive each year, though that might just be for new toys. You can drop it off at any Salvation Army or Value Village. Also, Red Door Shelters usually have a common room with toys in it, I'm sure they'd be happy to accepts new or used items.
'Glad to hear you thought of giving, rather than throwing away.


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I need a place that will take stuffed animals..my g/f has collected hundreds and they are totally monopolizing the spare bedroom.

altho I too, am too lazy to really look. :)
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Jessie's Centre for teen moms (13-19) is in need of toys and books for children

they are located at

205 Parliament Street (l/2 block North of Queen Street East)
Toronto M5A 2Z4
Phone: (416) 365-1888