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Does anyone know how to authorize more than one Ipod....


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to be able to access Itunes on a PC?

I've found a couple of articles on the net, but they seem to deal with MACs.

I want to be able to copy some of the tunes from my girlfriends computer onto my ipod using Itunes....

any help is as always appreciated...
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TaCk OnE?

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I'm not 110% certain because I'm a mac user, but I know you can't use different Ipods through itunes if in the preferences plane, under ipod, you have it selected to automatically update the songs to the ipod (it will keep looking for the one ipod to be plugged in)

if you plug in the ipod that it does work for, open the preferences, select update playlists manually (meaning you add and delete mp3s yourself rather than have itunes look for discrepancies and update automatically) then you can unplug that ipod and add tunes to any ipod manually

drag and drop.