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Does Anyone have a Samsung DynaFlat HD 30" TV?

The Electrician

TRIBE Promoter
We got one and we can cant seem to get the Component Video to show all our channels in WideScreen mode...

All our HD channels wont even show in Widescreen...

Anyone help us out at all... let us know what we are doin wrong... we have tried pretty much all the connections...

Ian, Ryan and Wes...


TRIBE Member
if you are on Cable HD, the channels are not full wide screen...
try putting on CBSHD right now, and when it's not commercials, the show "Without a Trace" should fill your screen, and be true HD.


TRIBE Member
are you using rogers?

I just got the hd box and was disappointed to find most of the hd channels were not. it depends on the broadcast. if it's widescreen, it's hd, if it's not, even if the network logo in the corner says hd, it's not.

prime-time programs like law & order, enterprise, smallville and a lot of new programs are broadcasted in hd.
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