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does anyone have a photoshop 6 serial number that I can use?


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I have one that my friend gave me with the disk but I can't read his hand writing and i've tried various combinations of 0's and O's
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meh.. if anytime anyone needs just a serial or CD-Key

the easiest way to get it is to do a search @ www.deja.com

gotta love google.

Try one of these:
s/n: PWW600R7105467-948 OR
s/n: PWW600R3293485-175 good
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Photoshop 7 just came out a few weeks ago.
I just grabbed it with te crack last weekend.
got to love newsgroups



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Photoshop 7 is strictly BETA right now.

I've checked and checked....final is not out yet.......

When it's out, I'll be getting it post haste!


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Originally posted by JayIsBored
software piracy is wrong.

hahah.. you only say that because finding pirated mac software is as easy as Roseanne finding the end of her bellybutton.
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photoshop 7 is a bit wanky, i think. i like 6, and i loooooooooove the 'liquify' tool.

so much fun.

i tought myself how to fuck with layers just the other week... fun program.