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Does anyone have a Dell Inspirion or whateverthepuck?


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Hey all,

I apologise if this has been repeated time and time again but I really need some help.

How the... FUCK do you connect a dell wirelessly to a linksys wireless router?

I had tried to read or use linksys tech support and they said ohhh contact Dell. I FINALLY HAVE THE CHANCE TO DO THAT and now they're asking me to pay?

w-t-f. I rather not. In my experience, most of these tech support peeps have not been very useful.

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K I am not an expert but I had to hook up D1300 in the house and went too CONNECTION WIZ all I did was ENABLE it and then it was trolling and found one " connection" which was my d link and I selected connect and it was working.

I hope this helps you .
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