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Does anybody want a Palm IIIe?


TRIBE Member
Palm Pilot IIIe for sale. However it is dead - the batteries are dead - and I'm not going to buy new ones unless I know someone wants it - so I can try it out.

Do you? If so, $25 and its yours!

PM me.
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TRIBE Member
I've tested the fucker, and it works a-ok. At the setup screen.

It comes with the plastic screen cover, too!


TRIBE Member
i have a palm T5

it's pretty funky, i have wifi, the web, chess, a gig of mp3s, and lots of games on it (including nintendo games! nothing says fun like playing ZELDA while waiting for appointments)



TRIBE Member
Hmmm, so if I give you $25 is there anything else I have to buy to make to work? If not, I'll take it.
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