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Does anybody here know Jeffrey Tuck?


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a well-known drug dealer in scarborough, who was also charged with attempted murder at the docks, acquitted, just had a kid, and got handed a 10-year sentence for also being a well-known gun peddler?

(actually it was six years because of time served)

once the sentence was handed down, he flew off the handle in court and basically shat on the judge..


anyways, if you know him, tell him he's a piece of shit.

here's the newsbit:

Gunrunner curses judge
`Remorseful,' then enraged after learning of his 10-year term
'Rot in hell,' he shouts at judge, for `this ridiculous sentence'
Feb. 11, 2006. 01:00 AM

As long as there was hope, Jeffrey Tuck was willing to mouth the words of contrition and remorse.

He was sorry, he told Justice Ramez Khawly, for all the pain he had caused his family, friends and especially the mother of his 2 1/2-year-old daughter.

The clean-cut, slightly built 24-year-old, who had pleaded guilty to 29 charges of gun running, drug trafficking and breaking his bail conditions, added: "I'd like to apologize for the crimes I've committed."

After listening to the apology yesterday, Khawly whacked him with a 10-year prison term. That was when Tuck lost his cool. The polite and demure Dr. Jekyll suddenly turned into a raging, foul-mouthed Mr. Hyde.

"I don't give a f---. Go to hell, you piece of s---," Tuck shouted at the judge from the prisoner's box. "This is crazy. What's your problem?"

Gone was the pleasant façade he had displayed throughout a previous two-day hearing when the court had heard how he had sold nine guns to undercover officers, and trafficked large amounts of drugs, including cocaine and ecstasy.

Tuck's outburst shocked the courtroom, but the judge remained calm.

"Rot in hell," Tuck told the judge. "This is f---ed."

Led away in handcuffs, an angry Tuck was returned to court just a few minutes later so Khawly could clarify that the actual sentence was only six years in prison after taking into account the time Tuck had spent in pre-trial custody.

Then the judge added he had forgotten to tell him he was also imposing a lifetime ban on him owning any guns, ammunition or explosives.

That set Tuck off again.

Asked if he understood the sentence, Tuck said he couldn't hear or understand anything. "Right now my mind is all clouded with this ridiculous sentence you gave me," Tuck said, asking the judge to repeat it again. Khawly did, and then refused to repeat it for the third time, telling Tuck he could appeal if he wished.

"You bet I will," Tuck said.

At one point in the hearing he told reporters he had been tortured in jail and that police had used a pair of pliers to twist his nose and threatened to cut off one of his ears in an attempt to extract information from him.

Before being led away, he handed reporters a three-page handwritten statement in which he complained that his untimely arrest had interrupted his plans to take business administration courses at Seneca College.

The arresting officer, Det. Corrado Rabbito dismissed Tuck's charges of police torture as ridiculous, saying Tuck was never mistreated.

The fact that Tuck was arrested at his girlfriend's house was in itself a breach of his bail conditions, Crown Attorney Hugh Craig said, given that he was supposed to be living with his parents who had posted a $120,000 bond.

Tuck's rant was apparently triggered by Khawly's eloquently written reasons for such a tough sentence.

"What immediately focuses the mind at this sentence hearing can be encapsulated in one word: Guns," Khawly said. "In this community, this four-letter word has lately become the trigger for an uncompromising visceral reaction, one which seeks the severest punishment for anyone caught in the web of weapon offences.

"That pent-up demand for retribution is solidly rooted in the recently escalating violence and mayhem of gun use that remains unabated. Carelessly fired bullets seem to find us everywhere — from where we sleep, work, play and even worship."

Khawly found that Tuck was the mastermind of the guns and drugs operation, noting he had carried out his criminal enterprise while out on bail on a second-degree murder charge. Tuck had been accused of stabbing to death Salim Jabaji at the Docks Nightclub in 2001 but was acquitted in October.

During the six-month undercover operation, Tuck boasted he could supply 50 or more guns at a time smuggled across the border from the United States in tractor-trailers. But the court heard that most of the guns police purchased from him had been stolen from an Ontario gun collector.

During the lengthy sentencing Khawly took the court through the history of gun violence in "Toronto the Good," which culminated with 52 gun deaths in Toronto last year.

"This tagline (Toronto the Good) reached mythic proportion by the 1960s and we have traded on that image to the point of self-delusion," Khawly said. "As any student of history will remind us, Toronto and gun violence have never been strangers."

He noted that any escalation of violence eventually reaches a "tipping point" and Toronto's was reached on Dec. 26 when a wild shootout between rival gangs on Yonge St. left an innocent 15-year-old, Jane Creba, dead and six others wounded.

"What transpired some seven weeks ago on Boxing Day was instrumental in opening the floodgates of feelings of outrage and anger combined with a determination to throw the book at anyone connected with gun crimes."


What did he expect? Why would he go nuts when told he can't have any guns (which are pretty much illegal in canada, or are going to be soon)

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Don't know, but a google search might answer your question. When was the hulla incident?Was it at the docks?


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I think Kevin was stating that it was the same dude, not asking. And he was right.... the incident at the docks was a hulla jam.
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there's not much more to it. Though if you want more details it's been well chronicled on this board. Search for either Tuck or Salim's name.

Joe Seven

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I'm sure this guy is a scumbag and deserves his sentence, but I really hate when people are put away for extra time in order to 'make a statement'.
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Originally posted by Joe Seven
I'm sure this guy is a scumbag and deserves his sentence, but I really hate when people are put away for extra time in order to 'make a statement'.

where do you get the idea he was put away for extra time?

and how would you propse to deter future would-be criminals?