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Doc Martin @ Motor Detroit April 12th 2002


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Well what a night indeed!

The night started out great with some of the Motor residents warming up the dancefloor.
I hadn't ever been to Motor before, so I didn't have much of a clue of what to expect. The crowd is definitely something else.
Bumpin' and grindin' was in full effect!
The club itself is really neat. There are 3 separate rooms. The main room with a simple yet presenting decor, and the lighting was not overly done, another room where there was a Live PA going on which was cool to check out, and a nice back lounge area to chill and relax in.

At about 1130, the Doc himself went on and started off a bit slowly but after about the 4th track he had it going smooth!
The tunes, the people, it was alllll gooood!
I hadn't seen Doc Martin before, but was convinced to come because I was looking for something different. I can definitely say it was fabulous. I loved every minute of Doc and I would definitely see him again! Start to finish he had the crowd movin and shakin!

Thanks to Jon Coe, and my fairly new London crew of Kate and Joel! I had a blast and despite quitting smoking in Canada, I just HAD to buy a pack of Marlboro Ultra Lights to feel a little more American ! :D Thankfully we didn't get hasseled going into Detroit or coming back!:)

Thanks also to Motor nightclub for being such a nice but wicked change!

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