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Do *you* work at a marketing/creative agency?


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If you've done work on accounts, I've got a couple quick questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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TaCk OnE?

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I've worked in advertising as a designer for 4 years....not an account rep, however I'm certain I can probably get to the bottom of all your questions.
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Today I studied the intricacies of the crown of my coworker's head. His thick black hair made this difficult to do, but he recently had it cut very short. Additionally, owing to my incredible memory, I was able to infer various unseen cranial features by carefully observing interference patterns created as he turned his head repeatedly left to right: left to the schematics, pause, right to his laptop, type; left to the schematics, pause, right to his laptop, type...

I had a real boon of progress when, around 4:30pm, this happened: left to his schematics, LONG pause, right to the laptop, SHORT pause, back left to the schematic and after a short pause THIS: SCRATCH HEAD WITH MECHANICAL PENCIL.

He brushed aside all kinds of hair and let me see straight down to his scalp! Man I was SO excited about this; but I was trying real hard not to let it show. So I kind of adjusted my shoulders to face more towards the window.

Anyways, I didn't actually see anything NEW about his skull, but BOY let me tell you how good it felt to have all my earlier calculations verified. It's probably how NASA felt when they found the rover was still there.

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