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Do You Take Your Shoes Off At Work


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The other night at a house party this topic came up and I was very surprised to hear how many people don't wear shoes at work. :confused:
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This thread has inspired me to take off my shoes right now.

that's right I'm shoeless this very moment. No joke!!
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Haha. I JUST put on my shoes to go get my lunch from the kitchen.

Sometimes I walk in my socks to the copier and to the other side of the building. Shhhhhhhhhh..
ha! best of luck in your pursuits on that front J!

I take my shoes off all the time, usually drop them below my chair when I'm on the edge of it typing.

I pulled a boner move once when I did this - tore my whole desk area apart for roughly 10 minutes trying to find one shoe that mysteriously 'went missing', swearing my head off and eventually accusing my co-workers of hiding it.

Had to walk around for a while with no shoes until someone spotted it hanging off the underside of the chair.
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VinylRach said:
i walk around in bare feet all the time. stelettos hurt man

Why the fuck wear stillettos or any uncomfortable shoes to work?

Once at work I pretty much don't wear my shoes and just tuck my feet under.


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me too!
and i only like to put them on if i'm walking into a managers office, a meeting or anywhere with tiles like the kitchen or the washroom. the kitchen because people spill stuff everywhere in there and the bathroom because the guys on my floor have a nasty habit of missing the toilet.
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I hardly ever wear shoes at work, especially now that the execs aren't in the same building as me.

I just bought a new pair of shoes today on my way in work so I currently have 2 pairs sitting under my desk (I had to bring them in to show them off).
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